6 Week Training Program

Your 6 week training program for the 10.5km event

From Run Trainer, Ben Toomey from Pure Performance

Here are some top tips and a 6-week training program, to help all the beginner runners out there get ready for the 10.5km event. 

  • Get yourself a running buddy. Having someone to do some of your training with is without doubt a great way to boost the motivation when things get hard. You’ll be able to hold each other accountable and keep each other on track, and when you’ve crossed the line on August 26 you’ll be able to celebrate with a breakfast together at one of the great cafés at Warners Bay.
  • Get some new shoes, if you are a beginner runner – chances are it is a long time since you’ve updated your running shoes. Head into Pure Performance and the team there will get you up on the treadmill and film you running, which will help the team expertly fit you in the correct shoes for you. This will minimise the risk of injury and should make your running more comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Ease into it, and don’t be afraid to walk. One of the most common things I see with beginner runners is they start at it like a bull at a gate. When doing something that you haven’t done for a while, it’ll take the body a little while to adjust and you’ll also have some sore spots. If it is all a bit overwhelming don’t be afraid to walk, just keep moving forward!

On Saturdays I have included Parkrun as my suggested running option, this is a free weekly event over 5k held at a number of venues in the local area. Check out www.parkrun.com.au and get yourself registered and check out which Parkrun is closest to your place, or which location takes your interest the most. Parkrun is for all ages and all abilities so why not take the family along and kick the weekend off with a dose out exercise.

I have also included rest or cross training options for Monday’s and Wednesday’s – ideas for this could include a swim, easy bike ride, walk or hitting the gym for some strength training. If you finding the program relatively comfortable this could be a great chance to add another 5-8k run into your week. All of our stores have a weekly PureRun on a Wednesday at 6pm. It can be a great way to meet new running friends and go for a relaxed run/walk, it is an all abilities run and everyone is welcome.


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