Pre Race Tips

Tips for an enjoyable event…

When you wake up in the morning – look in the mirror and smile 🙂

Say to yourself that you are going to dominate and be great – BEST VERSION OF SELF

Embrace the preparation in the morning

Eat 2-3 hours before the race and again 30 mins before

Warm up the legs with some dynastic stretches movements & a light jog

Get into position to find a good spot so you won’t get held up in the crowd

Pace yourself from the start and don’t go out too hard or get swept up with the race and everyone around you 🙂

Stick to your plan and run your splits and pacing

Use the pacers as markers and keep to the pace as planned

Tick the 5km markers and use that as a marker for pace

2 cups at aid stations – little sips with one cup, the other use to cool down

Embrace the runners in the crowd, keep smiling and enjoy the race and the view

Visualise and use your cues and mantras along the way !!!

Give high fives down the finish chute.

See on on the start line.
Benn Coubrough
Stroke No Limits Coaching
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