Find Your Pacer

Lake Macquarie Running Festival Pacers

Find your pacer in a green pacer singlet and balloon at the start line.

10.5km Pacers
40 min (3:50min per km) Jarrad Stevenson
45 min (4:17min per km) Luke Terence
50 min (4:45min per km) Darren Gow
55 min (5:14min per km) Bethany Everson
60 min (5:42min per km) Danielle Rees

21.1km Pacers
90 min (4:15min per km) Benn Coubrough
100 min (4:44min per km) Jody Whitehead
110 min (5:12min per km) Christopher Howson
120 min (5:40min per km) Ashley Movigliatti

Please remember the pacer is running to that timed pace per km to get you to reached the desired overall finishing time 🙂

We are here to helping you all achieve your goal time, so run with the pace be able to use as a guide and marker to achieve that goal time

We will all be wearing Pacing Shirts and a Balloon, as well as big smiles and encouraging each other all the way !!

Looking forward to a great day and as you know the Lake Macquarie is a beautiful place to run, nice flat loop course.

Lake Half Map Marker

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